Elenco - Component Kit CK-1000, Handy kit in my opinion

The yesterday. I search for information on the Elenco - Component Kit CK-1000, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Elenco - Component Kit CK-1000

Basic electronics parts set. INCLUDES PLASTIC PARTS CONTAINER - 11x201D x 7x201D x 1 1/2x201D - 18 divisions LEDs Standard T 1 3/4 size - 5 each - Red Green YellowRESISTORS 1/4W - 5 each - 10x3A9 100x3A9 470x3A9 1kx3A9 2.2kx3A9 4.7kx3A9 8.2kx3A9 10kx3A9 18kx3A9 27kx3A9 47kx3A9 82kx3A9 100kx3A9 220kx3A9 330kx3A9 470kx3A9. Read more or Check Price

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The kit has a good variety of components for those who are starting out in a hobby electronics. There are going to be some missing parts and some useless but the mix is ... by Michael R. Gerega

This will get you started with your Raspberry Pi. All the parts needed for many projects beginners. A box full of fun . by Donald R Painter

I bought this kit to experiment with some circuits and to have extra parts for the construction of circuits / adding circuits for on my layout HO . by Kevin G Carleton

choice because it is compact and most of the electronic components are included intro-. small and easy to carry and organize is it good for the introduction bas ... by ALKAF

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