Review Elenco - Two IC AM Radio Kit, Fun kit.

A couple of days ago. I search for information on the Elenco - Two IC AM Radio Kit, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Elenco - Two IC AM Radio Kit

Easy to Build complete radio on a single PC board. Unique design allows you to place parts over its corresponding symbol on the PC board. Teaches the basic theory of AM radio operation. Details instructions and illustrations are included and make it an educationally sound project. 1 9 volt battery required not included.. Read more or Check Price

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Kit really fun to learn welding and working with the resistance. The only problem is welding nonlead which is a bear to work with. by Nathan Reid

No fault at all kids have fun. Easy to weld and show how the radio works. But development requires and hit the trail. by Pavan kumar Bijjala

OK so I have many years in engineering RF and I'm a ham more still I tried not to "force" my hobby and electronic music on my daughters in fear of being ... by Brasier, Daniel

I wanted something simple for my 10 years of learning electronics. When this ends we also have a kit FM Radio. This gift is perfect by Henry A. Wiggins

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