ScienceWiz, The Light Experiment Kit looks perfect Can't wait to give to my... in my opinion

The previous week. I search for information on the ScienceWiz / Light Experiment Kit, so i have to tell.

ScienceWiz / Light Experiment Kit

Get ready to create 25 light projects right at home with the ScienceWiz Light kit. Split light into a cascade of rainbows make a kaleidoscope microscope and telescope mold lenses capture a shadow box a camera diffract with feathers play the I Spy game with mirrors and solve a filter puzzle - all in with one kit. WOWStep-by-step instructions lead a child successfully through each .... Read more or Check Price

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Still waiting on the books. The experiment kit light looks perfect I can not wait to give my great-grandson by Grandma Ann

Great educational game. My grandchildren love to play with it. I wish it was two in the set as it was shown on the cover . by Anna

That my beloved little wizard and when his brethren were around was just as content as he was working on color models using the smaller parts to do other projects . by Patricia B. Jennings

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